About us

Remote Working Solution is a branch of Procopio Technologies and focuses on delivering Remote Desktops to businesses for the enabling of flexibility of work independently of the individual’s physical location and yet maintaining productivity of work. You may check https://procopio.co.uk/ for a full range of services and products. Including the sale of Hardware and Software to Small and Medium Businesses as well as Professional Services to Enterprises.


Procopio Technologies prides itself on providing excellent customer service and can guide you in the right direction with a combination of friendly patience and knowledge to meet your needs. Hardware and software support combined with Professional Services with expert care.

Whether your technology needs are relatively straightforward or highly complex, Procopio Technologies works with you to clearly define technology requirements, advise and deliver. Reliably. Day in, day out.

Procopio Technologies can help with high quality standards and yet keep costs to its minimum.